Ryan Fuller

Hello, I am a Hobbyist 3D modeler and animator. This site will show off things I have made.

Artwork for Faithfull Tools

Some single angle renders that i made for some leaflet covers for a company i worked for over the summer of 2016

3D Bust of the head of the ACSS

A 3D model made for various purposes that I have put into a format which three.js can read.

Gnomechild Bust

A model I made for an app that my friend made at a hackathon

Foxes and Rabbits

A game I made for the 'Rising star' competition which was published on the windows store.


A game I made for a game jam whos theme was "Trees" so I made a game about a Tree climbing a Tree to defeat the Tree king.

Run'em over

Gamejam game I made remotely with 2 people online.

Blender comp4 project

My A2 comp4 project I made in Blender

Misc models

These are some small models i made for other people that werent big enough for expansion.


These are all animations I made or helped make.

Hackathon Projects

A selection of my Hackathon projects.

Get in touch

Please send me a message if you want.